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New reforms will be implemented in security organs: NSC

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KABUL: The National Security Council (NSC) says that it has launched a new reform process in the security and defense organs to pave the ground for better security in the country.

Tariq Aryan, Spokesman for the National Security Council said that reform would be “seriously implemented”, but didn’t when.

“We have launched serious reforms in the security organs and the process is still ongoing,” Aryan said.

“Remarkable changes have been made in the leadership of the security departments,” he said.

“Reforms can pave the ground for the transparency in the security organs, so that no one can abuse the government property.”

Aryan said that all the government vehicles and other properties would be registered and brought back from the dismissed officials.

He added that the registration and collecting government properties from dismissed officials would pave a better circumstance for the security in the country.

 According to some reports acting national security advisor Hamdullah Mohib has ordered to collect back all the armors and other vehicle which were given by the former national security advisor Hanif Atmar to some of the government officials.

In a fresh event the ministry of interior affairs has given a 72 hours timeline to former national security advisor General Deen Mohammad Jorat to submit back all the government vehicles.

Former interior caretaker minister Amrullah Saleh also has made steps to bring reforms to ensure security and stability in Kabul and other provinces.

Meanwhile, some security analysts praise such implementation, further that such steps would pave the ground for security and stability in the country.

“Undoubtedly collecting of military equipment from security organs and even from civil departments have the positive effects in the society,” said a security analyst Mohammad Gul Mojahid.

He said that government property should be used in regards with the government affairs not as a private possession.

He said that if the government has really intended to collect the government property and implement it fairly on everyone, the reforms would be influential and pave the ground for stability and security in the country.

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