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Niklasson urged for aid increase in Afghanistan


Kabul: The European Union’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan Tomas Niklasson said that Afghanistan is facing a harsh winter and that the “UN humanitarian appeal is only funded at 45 percent.”

Niklasson in a series of tweets urged Russia, China and the OIC members to take significant steps to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, and to “follow the example of the UK, the US, and the EU.”

Earlier, speaking at a press conference in Kabul, the EU special envoy said that the “Taliban should ensure that schools open throughout the country for boys and girls, young women and men to prepare the next generation of Afghanistan who can become the first Afghan generation in four decades not to experience insurgency or war.” 

Niklasson said on Twitter that the “authorities” must respond firmly to the increasing number of “terrorist attacks” in Afghanistan. 

“They have an obligation to protect all Afghans and bring perpetrators to justice under due process. They must also prevent the use of Afghan soil for threatening other countries,” he said. 

He urged for establishment of an inclusive government which he considers it a path to legitimacy and stabilization of Afghanistan and region. 

The EU envoy also expressed concerns over the deterioration of human rights conditions in the country. 

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