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NIPPA calls for dissolve of Wolesi Jirga

AT-KABUL: The National Islamic Peace Party of Afghanistan (NIPPA) on Tuesday called continuation of the work of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) illegal, asking President Ghani to dissolve it as soon as possible.

The party urged the National Unity Government (NUG) to run parliamentarian election soon to the people select their qualified candidate through voting process for the next round.

“The Wolesi Jirga five years pride has been completed two years ago, thus continuation of work of this house is illegally and against constitution,” said Head of NIPPA Shah Mahmood Popal.

He said that contuation work of Wolesi Jirga is a king of insulting to vote of people and the whole nation of Afghanistan.

Pointing to challenges inside the Wolesi Jirga between members, he said that every day they are insulting each other even some legislator changed to a gangster inside the house.

He allegedly blamed numbers of lawmakers with land mafia.

He urged president to dissolve current round of Wolesi Jirga and take measure for running parliamentarian election soon.

Mr. Watan Dost another member of the NIPPA said that “Wolesi Jirga had lost its law criteria its door must be closed till running election for new round.”

He said that Wolesi Jirga is house of nation to solve problems, but nowadays it changed to big challenge for nation.

The NIPPA also released a resolution which read parliament is house of all nations, but due to personal interest number of lawmakers have scandal the name of this house, most of the members of parliament involved in corruption. It said that also the five years of this round of Wolesi Jirga already ended and they are continuing their work illegally against constitution, thus we ask the president to disband the Wolesi Jirga.

Also in resolution the party praised security forces for sacrifices giving in defending from country and announced strong support from Afghan forces.

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