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No cases of Coronavirus reported in Afghanistan

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KABUL: Officials in the ministry of public health said there is no case of coronavirus so far in Afghanistan, and also spoke about measures taken by the ministry in its prevention.

Dr. Feda Mohammad Moye said passengers that have been directly or indirectly arriving from China in Kabul International Airport, are going through essential process.  

“No Afghan has traveled from Wuhan city of China – the state which is badly affected by deadly virus, he said, adding, “The passengers are given a letter to approach the nearest coronavirus center, which are located in 34 provinces in case there is any symptom of the virus.”

Deputy of the ministry said the virus is cured in Atlanta state of US, Netherlands and Hong Kong. “In case we face a case, we will contact the International Health Organization.”

The Corona Virus has vastly affected China and its symptom has been confirmed in 16 of the world countries. The virus has so far claimed the life of 132 Chinese and affected around 5, 674 people in China.

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