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No civilian casualties in Kunduz raids; Defense Ministry

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KABUL: Defense Ministry on Saturday rejected claims about civilian casualties in a series of attacks in northern Afghanistan.

People in Kunduz claim that 15 civilians have been killed and several injured in the wake of an aerial raid by security forces in KhanAbad district. They said the first strike destroyed their farms and a second raid hit them when they were trying to extinguish the fire.

It said Taliban militants ambushed a security outpost in KhanAbad district of Kunduz province and faced a counterattack. Security forces killed at least 30 rebels including two commanders and injured 8 others in the counterassault.

A Kunduz provincial hospital official has said four dead civilians and six injured were reported to the hospital. Seyed Hafizullah Fetrat has said 12 civilians had been killed in the two raids.

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