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No disappointment this time

At last, some of kind of signs of hope emerged. Afghanistan and Pakistan co-chaired the ‘Heart of Asia Conference—Fifth Istanbul Process. The bigwigs from across South Asia, China and the world, made the conference influential. It was marked by a warm welcome by high authorities in Pakistan to the visiting dignitaries. There was no brinksmanship, but a little bit openness. The words and promises must be about making impacts rather than defusing the cross-border tensions just with the jugglery of words. Any attempt aimed at raining this south Asian parade must not only be condemned by the regional and world powers, but the party which attempts to dominate the outcomes in post-conference scenario must be held responsible for undermining efforts aimed at  closing the South Asian nations together. When policymakers change their hearts the “Heart of Asia” will be at peace. The theme of the conference is “increased cooperation for countering security threats and promoting connectivity in the region.

To translate the promises made during the conference and to move forward while leaving behind the decades-old deadly mindset, only then we can dream about peace and security, enhanced trade and education ties. Though, President Ashraf Ghani’s statement was termed thunders and that of Sushma Swaraj diplomatic, however, Ghani spoke softly when he talked about ‘unintended consequences of Pakistan’s military security operations.

In deciphering, the lexicologists who were watching the conference with keen interests must decipher his words in a positive way, but as Ghani chose words carefully, no body must be allowed to rain on Ghani’s parade. He relied on soft diplomacy. Ghani started with thanks to Pakistan for hosting Afghan refugees. He also touched upon the issue of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from North Waziristan. The people of FATA must be a cause of ‘tug-of-love and not tug-of-war. Then we can hope for miracles to happen. If they are used as fuel of terrorism, the region will always be at chaos and mothers on both sides of the Durand Line will keep receiving the corpses of their beloved sons. Is this what we want? They were given camps and other facilities in the not-so-much developed provinces, Khost, Paktiya and Paktika. This clearly shows that we are being affected by terrorism and Talibanization alike, then why not to enhance joint efforts. Our collective densities are linked together in one way or the other. The unintended consequences pushed the people of the tribal belt to make mass exodus and forced Kabul to host nearly 350,000 to 500,000 IDPs from FATA. It should be thought provoking the people and government have been fighting on behalf of all of the people in South Asia and even the international community. Anyone who is trying to fane the fire of terrorism in the region cannot be friend of the people of the region as this terrorism has caused the death of millions of people, thousands of people left homeless and even amputees. This is a sheer manifestation of Muslim and Muslim violence when it comes to Afghan-Pakistani people whereas it is a naked aggression against humanity when it comes to violence between Pakistan and India. What Sushma Swaraj said that it was time they—India and Pakistan, display maturity and self-confidence to do business with each other….as the world is watching them with greatest hopes attached therefore, they must not disappoint them.


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