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No mercy on militants: ANSF ordered to eliminate enemy everywhere

KABUL: After deadly Kabul suicide attack, Afghan government ordered the Afghan National Security Forces for the ‘no mercy policy’ against militants to eliminate “the enemy everywhere they are spotted”, officials said in a press conference on Thursday.

“President Ashraf Ghani has ordered the Afghan National Security Forces to repress the armed insurgents in every corner and nook of the country,” Dawa Khan Menapal, Deputy Spokesman to President Ghani told reporters.  The order came after a Taliban truck bomb killed at least 64 and wounded another 347, most of them civilians in a populated part of capital Kabul on Tuesday.

Earlier, president Ghani had told the nation that the government would never forgive the perpetrators of the suicide attacks and would revenge the blood of every Afghan killed.

The deputy presidential spokesperson, called Taliban the enemies of Afghan people.

“So far, Taliban are equipped, supported and organized in Pakistan aiming to carry out the rebellion attacks in Afghanistan.”

Spokesman for the National Security Council, Tawab Ghorzang, said that the government asked Taliban to join peace, but they responded by terrorist attacks.

“Today, we got the final result from Taliban determination.  Those armed enemies who do not want peace talks, should be eliminated in everywhere of the country by our security forces,” he mentioned.

Spokesman for the Chief Executive, Javed Faisal said: “For defending the people’s life, the government planned to use all military methods against armed insurgents.”

He said that the international community has long-term commitment to provide military cooperation for the ANSF to fight against Taliban insurgents without halt.

Afghan officials said that the Shafaq military operation was going on in all parts of the country which has imposed heavy casualties to the armed rebels.

Munira Yousufzada, spokeswoman for Independent Directorate of Local Governance, said that president Ghani ordered all governors to draw schemes for mobilizing people against Taliban insurgents and support the security forces.

“According to presidential decree, the national flag on Friday would be half hoisted across Afghanistan as well Afghan diplomatic agencies abroad and the mourning ceremony would be held throughout the country,” she stated.

It is pertaining to mention that people have donated around 30 million CC blood for the victims of the recent terrorist attack and for the injuries of the Afghan National Security forces.



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