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No more fooling

The insurgents are hell-bent on turning Afghanistan once again into a fulcrum of global militancy. Security deterioration has become contagious. One day it is Badakhshan that is plagued by militants. The second day it is Nangarhar that screams because of militants’ atrocities. On third day it is Ghazni and so on. Even the capital Kabul sporadically comes under terror attacks. Any terror act happened on the fringes of the country and in far-flung provinces makes only footnote and tickers but the intensity is being felt when they hit Kabul. Then our political leaders hurriedly start issuing statements over statements. One feels as if the government is determined to win the war with statements. Condemnation dominates the scene. Ire replaces strategies. And the next day when the dust and smoke disappear, we fall back into thinking as if nothing has happened, yet to be awakened by another terror attack. Amid a hundred tales of horror and hopes, we have become numb and awake only when there is a huge act of terrorism. We take small acts of terrorism as it is a normal matter.

In such a time when you are blamed by those who have had been sheltering and training the militants and unleashing them on you, you are fuming in the mouth, but being a victim and lacking the capacity to teach them in the same language, inevitably either you compromise or seek military assistance from India—a nation, with whom we enjoy cordial ties. Then Pakistan blames us why we are increasing friendship with her arch enemy. Then Islamabad is paranoid.

Pakistan blames us that we are in collusion with her arch enemy and India has been using our soil against them. However, they got no evidence. What they do is divert public attention from important issues and feed them with misinformation. They are astonishingly good at the propaganda.

If their allegations have any tinge of reality why they cannot isolate and pressurize India, the way India did when Mumbai was struck by a deadliest series of terror attacks in 2008. India was quick enough in finding where doe go the thread of the terror attacks? Pakistan was nervous. And in this nervousness, they said they are sending its intelligence chief to India. Later on when new developments emerged and India successfully linked the act to Pakistan, the latter denied the man who was caught alive in the Mumbai attacks was a Pakistani national, and also denied to send any official.

Being a godfather of terrorists, this country, tells other to stop exporting terrorism. They alleged that Afghanistan didn’t cooperate during Zarb-e-Azb military operation in the tribal belt. Pakistan’s General Asim Bajwa, speaking to a private news channel, said that Islamabad has always supported peace in Afghanistan, but the neighboring country didn’t cooperate in Zarb-e-Azb. He also alleged that several elements within the Afghan government sabotaged the entire peace process. This is not only ridiculous but hurting. There is nobody in Afghanistan who doesn’t want full stop to terrorism.

We all—whether sitting in the government or outside, are being affected from terrorism, therefore, blaming that the peace process was sabotaged by elements within the Afghan government is not only telling the lies through teeth, but shows we cannot expect any good from such a neighbor. And if anybody from across the Durand Line talks of peace in Afghanistan, first, they must stop fooling us.

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