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‘No one can fire me, only legitimate Govt can hire, fire’ says Gen. Raziq

AT-KABUL: In the face of claim and rumors that the government has taken decision to oust police chief of Kandahar province, General Abdul Raziq said that no one could out him.

“I was not hired by this government, thus it can’t fire me, he said, adding, “Only a legitimate government can hire, and fire.”

Some weeks back, the ousted Ata Mohammad Noor predicted that the next target of government is firing General Raziq.

“I have not come with papers and I will not go with papers,” Raziq said in an interview with 1TV. “No one can oust me and no one shall expect so. No one can hold me and no one can silence me.”

Commenting on Noor’s removal, Raziq said he still considers him the governor of Balkh province.

“Reshuffle is an element of governance,” Raziq said. “But it is a coalition government with 50-50 representation. It is not possible for a side to remove another,” adding the unity government has no legitimacy.

Raziq, who is commonly known as a ruthless enemy of the Taliban, claimed that there are certain circles in the government making attempts to make plot against secure areas.

“They think that they could make them insecure maybe for political purposes in upcoming elections or other issues,” Raziq said. “But they are making mistake. If people decide, they cannot stay longer.”

He also backed claims of government’s indifference toward the rise of Islamic State terrorist group.

“I call on political leaders to prevent Daesh (IS) and if they are complicit, they should stop it,” he said.

Last year, the United Nations (UN) torture committee called for Raziq to be prosecuted over allegations of private jails, torture and enforced disappearances.

“We don’t have private prisons and we don’t need to have them,” Raziq said. “It is only a propaganda which the enemy uses to defame us.”

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