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No one can sabotage election process; IEC

AT-KABUL: The Independent Election Commission emphasizes on the importance of its decisions regarding the election process, saying the process should not be sabotaged.

It asked for the political parties’ cooperation with the process, saying that hurting the process would be in the benefit of nobody.

The commission also says that the ballots would be soon printed.

“The independent election commission has frequently taken consultations from political parties and civil society in the big and important issues. The parties’ demands are not in favor of a fair election. The election date is finalized and this is important for us. The ballots will be also soon printed,” said Zabihollah Sadat, deputy spokesman of the commission.

Representatives of political parties called on the commission to not print the ballots until their demands were not met by the government. They warned that the commission would be responsible for what they called “wasting millions of dollars” in printing useless ballots.

The commission announced the final lists of parliamentary election candidates from 33 provinces, saying that the ballots would be printed in the near future.

Some electoral watchdogs also confirm that “there hands trying to lead the election toward crisis”.

“The demands of political parties are not possible to be fulfilled. I ask them to not think of their own interests, they should think of the national interests. This is not logical to pressure the election commission to delay the date of election,” said Naeem Ayoubzada, head of the Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan.

The government rejects interferences in the electoral process, saying the election would be nationwide and transparent.

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