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No peace with US in Afghanistan: Rana Think Tank

AT-Kabul: Concerned over the ongoing political uncertainty, political figures and analysts have faulted Trump’s counterproductive strategy in Afghanistan and raised doubts about his willingness for peace. They believed that peace will be impossible until the U.S. has a military and intelligence presence in Afghanistan.

At a monthly session of the Rana Think Tank, taking note over four decades of war with no end in sight, the participants termed peace a long-dream of Afghan masses. They focused over barriers to the fore of peace, and its way out.

The keynote speaker of the Think Tank session, Gul-Rahim Safi, a peace pundit, has putted the interfering of regional countries as baggiest obstacles in the way of peace.

“Regional rivalry, and the interferences of the neighboring countries is heap toward achieving peace,” Saif said, but turning Afghanistan into a competing ground for world’s big powers, as the utmost blockade at the forefront of fundamental right of ‘peace’.

Besides that, he has putted political schism, and oral clashes inside the country yet another fence against peace.

“The bereft of all conflict parties in the Boon Conference, is among one key reason behind continuation of war – the exclude of the Talban and Hezb-e-Islami, the political party of Afghanistan (HIA), have lead to rivalry, causing prolonging war,” he said.

Other parties received enough privilege in the conference, he said, adding such unbalanced move by the US and International Community caused further rancor, in which the Taliban and HIA fighters referred to resist against the government of Afghanistan.

Moreover, he attacked US, blaming it of double game. “US deployed troops to Afghanistan with core aim to purge extremist groups, eradicate poppy, and establishing a legal government. Does it happen; of course no, the US failure in these areas is visible”.

Terrorists are not eliminated, but rather their evil activities have increased at the very nose of US troops in Afghanistan, he said.

Furthermore, he questioned the National Unity Government’s capability, saying it failed to fully control the country. “Even the governor leaderships of provinces defied central government’s order to resign.”

Reason behind of not reaching peace is Pakistan—the hostile neighbor, and the US– an ally which is not honest with us, Rafiullah Niazi, Head of the Center for Regional Strategic Studies told the participants of the session.

“Condition that has been orchestrated by the US, is irritating that even the Afghan masses don’t’ feel safe in areas under control of the government,” he said, while leaving those areas where militant’s writ transpired.

Afghanistan conflict is a controlled war by the US, he said. “When US-forces reached its big goals, then the war will come to its end in Afghanistan.”

A teacher in Sharia Faculty of Kabul, Mr. Ehsani is in believe that deprivation and poverty have lead to the joining of the local people to the militant’s rank.

“Amid at reaching peace, a trustable condition finding president to the lowest subordinate community from across the country, is need of the hour.”

He also suggest of an appointment of a real representative within the people for the efforts of negation and reconciliation with dissident groups — that be acceptable for all nationwide.

“Putting your responsibility on others shoulders is not a wise decision, Mansoor Faizy, the Editor-in-Chief of Afghanistan Times, and a member of Rana Think Tank said, calling upon all Afghan masses from high-ranking officials to commoners to discharge their obligation honestly and transparently, and then accuse others.

We blame foreigners for our current turmoil –this is not logical, he said, adding “who created current political schism; this is we, not foreigners.”

He said that if Afghans united no foreigners, including the Pakistan which is hell-bent on destruction of Afghanistan, could be able to harm us. “If we have dispute among our elites, then of course, making easy for foreigners to meddle and turn our bad condition to worse.”

At the end, the participants put weight behind Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process, calling on international community to back this.

“Peace process must be guaranteed by big powers of the world, in order to stop ongoing killing of Afghans,” the participated demanded, saying if US wants, peace will come within a week.

Regarding proxy wars, and turning Afghanistan into competing ground for globe and regional countries, the political parties favored Switzerland and Austria type guarantee that all countries must see Afghanistan as an impartial country—not using its soil for their interests.

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