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No security vacuum after foreign withdrawal, assures defense ministry

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KABUL: The ministry of defense assures that there would be no security vacuum once the US-led foreign soldiers exit in some four months.

The Western media outlets report of packing and transporting of foreign military equipment as the first steps of troop pullout from Afghanistan after 20 years of war.

According to the CNN, the Pentagon has already deployed hundreds of soldiers in the region to provide security of their comrades from the war-hit country.

It said that Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin has ordered the station of an aircraft-carrier in the region.

John Kirby, spokesman of the US department of defense, said Saturday that the American troops would leave Afghanistan, adding that two B-52 strategic bombers had entered the region for their security.

It quoted a US official as saying on condition of anonymity that they were focusing on the immediate transfer of the equipment that cannot be smashed and handed to Afghan security forces.

Separately, a spokesman of Afghan defense ministry, said the Afghan security and defense forces were able to fill a vacancy made post-US withdrawal.

“The Afghan defense ministry is ready to take responsibility. We hold certain plans for the transfer process and we work on the plan. People should not worry and no vacancy will be made,” Fawad Aman said.

The New York Times says that six B-52 bombers are deployed in the Middle East to provide security for US troops’ exit.

Meanwhile, the CIA Chief William Joseph Burns made a secret visit to Kabul on Friday and met Afghan officials, assuring of the US continued cooperation with Afghan government against terrorism.

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