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No stickers on identity card copies

AT-KABUL: The voter registration process has been marred by several problems, and now the Independent Election Commission invalidated attaching stickers on copy of ID cards, asking for continuation of voter registration process based on voter’s original ID cards.

In a statement, the IEC said discussions on the use of original or photocopy of the card for voter registration had sparked concern among the Afghan masses. In order to assuage the concerns, the statement said, the voter registration exercise was based on the production of original tazkira.

This comes as recently the IEC aimed concerning over the attachment of sticker to paper identity cards, said that voters can use the copy of National ID cards for registration process.

Recently some members of the parliament said that the sticker used by the electoral employees on the ID cards of the voters to show the person had voted, are sold in Kabul markets. The legislators criticized election commission and security organs for not being serious in holding a transparent election, calling the sale of stickers a big problem before the transparency of election.

It is a fact that insecurity in some areas and sticker in their ID cards, have resulted in less interest of people in taking part in the election. The Taliban insurgents have already warned people against voting, and sticker in their ID cards making them more vulnerable to be caught by the Taliban insurgents—the number one enemy of Afghanistan’s peace and stability. The insurgents have also opposed the election.

Taking note over the anxiety of the issue that sticker placed on people’s ID card may put them at risk of being targeted by the insurgents, the IEC in a statement said that voters can have the sticker in copy of their ID cards. “Stickers will now be placed on the copy, but voters will be required to bring their original ID cards when they cast their ballot.”

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