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No weapons distributed under “security pact”: Top officials

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KABUL: Top security officials were summoned on Monday by the members of the parliament, questioning them on the Kabul security pact and the most controversial issues of militia formation that has earned harsh criticism.

Acting Interior Minister, and NDS Head, Ahmad Zia Saraj appeared before lawmakers and said Kabul security pact was meant to get support from the residents to beef up the security.

“No weapons had been distributed to anyone,” both the officials said.

This is as reports doing round that the government is seeking to form militias in the North of Afghanistan.

Andarabi said that the security pact was not about arming people but it was organized to develop relations between the security system and the people. “We oppose organizing militias,” he said. 

“Crimes are relentless phenomena that exist in Kabul and other cities,” he added. “Many arrests have been made, but the level of the crimes is still high.”

He said that technical issues are implemented through this security pact and that the security cameras are being set in markets, residential houses’ gates and terminals, and that unconventional patrols would be conducted in the cities.

“There are thousands of youths who want to stab people and steal their mobiles,” he said, adding that the security pact included all of these problems to be taken care of. 

He said that more than 250 police officers were prosecuted for extortion of people and trucks since he has taken in charges of the ministry.

The lawmakers didn’t study the security pact so they had concerns about it, NDS head Saraj said. “The security pact is not a separate format; the security departments use their capacity to provide security.”

He said the security pact was a contract between people and government and that it “was nothing beyond this”.

According to him, the security pact run by the national directorate of security and that it has concluded good results.

The security pact was recently made by the government for providing a tighten security in the provinces. The pact was made after the criminal activities hit an unprecedented level in Kabul and other big cities in Afghanistan.

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