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Non power can stop Afghanistan from achieving national goals: President Ghani

AT News Report-KABUL: The era of anarchy has been ended in Afghanistan, and there is no power to stop Afghanistan from achieving national goals, President Ashraf Ghani said on Saturday.

He said this during a ceremony to inaugurate a private steel company in Kabul.

“No power can hinder the country’s progress toward national interest,” President Ghani said, adding “We are her for few days to serve the people.”

People will elect president by voting to whom they want, Ghani said, adding, the purpose of president is to become servant of the people not their lord.

Taking indirect stand, but very directly President Ghani assured Afghan masses that he would not let anyone to turn Afghanistan into another era of anarchy.

Looking at current situation, we know that there is friction between Presidential Palace and Jamiat-e-Islami political party.

Ousted Balkh governor, Atta Mohammad Noor recently informed that the government and Jamiat have entered into third round of negotiations.

Few days ago, President Ghani accepted Noor’s resignation with appointing Mohammad Dawood as new governor of northern Balkh province. But Noor rejected his resignation, saying he was tendered his resignation based on conditions that not fulfilled.

In several occasion, Noor said that he is the governor, and will remain in post until end of the National Unity Government tenure. At the same time, he said that he will go upon Jamiat’s decision. “I follow what Jamiat tells me. If they want me to back off, I’ll, and want me to continue, none can drive me out.”

Amid political tension between the government and Jamiat, senior government officials in a gathering in eastern Nangarhar province on Friday called on people to come together and support the government at this critical juncture.

Deputy Head of National Security Advisor, Din Mohammad Jurt told the gathering that the people should mobilize against those who have taken hostage the nation.

“By supporting the government, the hands of those who work for their own interest will be cut off from the nation’s fate,” Jurat told the gathering.


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