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None from govt helps Daesh: Ghani

AT-KABUL: The President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday, has demanded hard evidences from all those who accused government officials of supporting Daesh activities in the country.

Addressing to the transformational ceremony of border police force from the ministry of interior to the ministry of defense, President Ghani openly challenged all who accuse government officials of supporting the Islamic State, which is also known as Daesh terrorist group in the country, adding, “They should prove their claim in the court and in the meantime take responsibility for failure in proving their allegations.”

“I would like to pay tribute to the Afghan security forces for their sacrifices defending their country,” President Ghani commended the Afghan security forces and hailed their valuable sacrifices in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

Ghani said the today’s Afghanistan and ongoing political arena in the country are due the true fight and holy sacrifices of the country’s National Defense and Security Forces. “The shinning victory and firm commitment of the security forces have been resulted in the new US strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia, that recognized Afghanistan and India as Washington’s strategic partners in the region and treated Pakistan as enemy.”

Ghani also hailed the Wolesi Jirga Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and Senate Chairman Fazal Hadi Muslimyar for their mature leadership.

“Every soldier of us is volunteering to defend their country, no one is forced to join ANSDF, our forces belong to all Afghans and are a true reflection of our national unity,” Ghani noted.

Commenting on reforms, President Ghani said the unity government has been engaged in implementation of comprehensive reforms in security wings of the country.

He furthered the NUG is fully committed to invest further in the border police forces to bolster their professional and war capabilities, disclosing that the United States and other international partners would support the unity government to achieve the developmental goals in security sector.

“It was the sacrifice of our 13 police officers who stood in front of a biggest suicide attack and saved diplomatic missions and prevented catastrophe,” he added.

President Ghani pointed out that the Afghan Special Forces and commandos have never ever lost any battle against the notorious enemies and that’s why they were the pride of the nation.

“One of the major goals of the Afghan Border Force in future will be to provide security to major international projects,” he informed.


President further went on saying that we are now in offensive mode due to the efforts and leadership of ANDSF, adding in four years, Afghanistan will have an absolute national security and defense forces to bring order and security to the country.

Ghani added nine districts have been cleared of Daesh militants by the Afghan forces and the outfit was on the run from Afghanistan.

“Some 300 operations were conducted against Daesh. Our forces have defeated them and many of them have been eliminated,” he furthered.

Referring to the opposition, Ghani said some individuals in the country have been propagating against government officials, which he rejected and termed it baseless and enemy’s propaganda.

“My security leadership team has the full confidence of me and the confidence of the entire nation,” he informed.

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