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Noor’s longest journey as Balkh governor ends

AT-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has accepted the resignation of Atta Mohammad Noor as Balkh governor who remained in charge for over 13 years.

Accepting Noor’s resignation, President Ghani appointed Mohammad Dawod as new governor of northern Balkh province, a statement from Presidential Palace said. Previously, Noor had tendered his registration to President Ghani.

Since long time Noor, one of Afghanistan’s most influential leaders, was criticizing the performances of the National Unity Government. He leveled accusations against President Ghani over several issues, including unfair appointments and also dismissals. But at the same time he reached a deal with President Ghani, while hitting out Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. It was also reported that Noor had reached a political consensus with President Ashraf Ghani to join the central government—a move that could shake up the country’s politics ahead of Presidential elections scheduled for 2019. At that time he said that Abdullah failed to safeguard their rights, and he stood to deal directly with President Ghani.

Noor is one of the high-ranking members of Jamiat Islami Party, and was biggest supporter of Abdullah during 2014 presidential election.

However, in the past, there were several rumors rounded in media over dismissal of Noor as Balkh governor. But often this news earned harsh reaction by Noor’s supporters. Recently, some of his supporters took social media, saying none; including President Ghani can remove Noor from his post. It is worth mentioning that no one is above the law.

Meanwhile, there is suspicious that Noor nodded for farewell as Balkh governor after reaching a deal with President Ghani—however, this yet to be confirmed officially.

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