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Norway, Indonesia to muster cooperation on Afghanistan

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Norwegian and Indonesian officials have agreed to strengthen cooperation on Afghanistan.

The triangular cooperation will help the Afghan government to overcome different challenges and speed up the development process.

According to Jakarta Post, an Indonesian newspaper, the agreement was announced on the sidelines of the commemoration of the Asian African Conference’s 60th anniversary in Jakarta.

The director general for American and European affairs at the foreign ministry, Dian Triansyah Djani, told reports that both Norway and Indonesia are committed to play their role in development of Afghanistan.

He said that since the Asian African Conference 60 years ago, Indonesia has been actively engaged in development of Asian and African countries.

The two countries have jointly implemented scores of cooperation projects with the Afghan government in fields of women’s empowerment, law enforcement and education. Officials of the two countries discussed the triangular cooperation with Afghan authorities in the meeting which would pave way for social development in the war-hit country.

Dian said that Afghan, Indonesian and Norwegian authorities also agreed to “continue cooperation with the South-South framework” with the development goals and national priorities of the states involved.

Norway’s ambassador to Jakarta, Stig Traavik, who attended the conference, welcomed the agreement regarding triangular cooperation.

Jakarta Post quoted him as saying, “We are proud of the cooperation we have with Indonesia, a country which I think is a superpower in one area: pragmatism in tolerance. I went to Bandung to visit our teacher training program for Afghans, it went very well.”

The deputy chief mission of Afghanistan’s embassy in Indonesia, Amanullah Saleem thanked Norway and Indonesia for the assistance at this hour of need. Jakarta is providing assistance to Kabul since 2013 starting with a capacity building program for policewomen.

Last year, a group of Afghan female police officers received training in community policing in Indonesia.

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