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I am not afraid of President Ghani, CEO Abdullah: Noor

AT News Report-KABUL: The ousted Balkh governor, Atta Mohammad Noor among his young supporters in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the provincial capital of Balkh, warned that he would not allow the newly-introduced governor to enter the province.

In December, President Ashraf Ghani accepted Noor’s resignation and appointed Mohammad Dawood as his successor. But Noor rejected his resignation, alleging he tendered resignation based on conditions that has not fulfilled so far.

Since that time, in several occasions, Noor said he is the governor and none can remove him unless to reach a consensus with the Presidential Palace through negotiation with Jamiat-e-Islami party of Afghanistan.

As the rift between the Presidential Palace and Noor still looming, Noor reiterated he would remain as Balkh governor till the end of National Unity Government tenure if negotiations failed to bear result.

But he said he still waiting of Jamiat party’s decision regarding his fate, but strongly said that he (Noor) is not afraid of either the President or the CEO Abdullah Abdullah.

Noor is also the Chief Executive of Jamiat party, and Thursday was the fifth day of government and Jamiat talks over the Ghani-Noor saga.

But he said he would leave office if Jamiat tell him to do so. He also asked the young supporters to be ready for civic protests if no conclusion reaches with the central government. He asked upon them to be ready for upcoming elections.

However, he again attacked CEO Abdullah, saying that he does not have the authority to appoint even and ordinary official in the government.

“Only for hitting the rival of Presidential Palace or for hitting Mujahedeen, then legality is sought for the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah,” he said, adding “for example, they had the approval of the chief executive for my removal.”

“Why did you (Abdullah Abdullah) agree to this when you could not keep me? You should have not agreed,” he said, adding “I want to tell both of you (President Asrhaf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah) that I am not afraid of you and do whatever you want. Will not step downs as Balkh governor until there is an agreement reach between the government and the Jamiat.”

He also talked about rumors of the removal of Gen. Abdul Raziq from his position as Kandahar police chief.

Noor also promised to jail those who have committed national treason once he has been elected the next president of the country.

“I will never attempt to enter into political enmity with anyone, even if I win the upcoming presidential elections,” Noor said.

Moreover, Noor recently warned government over army divide if it used military option against him to oust him from office. “Don’t use military, because 70 up to 80 percent of them won’t their Noor (me). The force will get divided and will break down.”

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