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Now another war ?

Whatever were its outcomes and purposes but everyone now confirm that in the recent past the soil of Afghanistan in general and Pashtuns in particular remains the battlefield of at least three universal wars. The first one was fought by the US-led allies against the former Soviet Union. The second one was the proxy war amongst a number of regional countries against one another under the slogans of faiths and ideologies. Whereas the third war is still going on in its final phases—the ‘war on terror’. In all these wars, various countries, particularly the US-led allies have materialized their own gains and interests but at the cost of lives of millions of Afghans and infrastructures worth billions of dollars. It wouldn’t be unfounded and exaggeration if someone says that Afghans have been made scapegoats by donors, friends, financiers and philanthropists. In fact these friends and financiers have focused all their attention on materializing of their nefarious economic and strategic interests. No one can deny the fact that during these over three and half a decade period, one time strong SEATO and CENTO’s replaced by several other unannounced alliances. The US remained on top of all these alliances and it brought the two staunch rivals like Saudi Arabia and Iran under its umbrella on the issue of Afghanistan and Iraq. Whereas US engineered all of its South Asian and Central Asian strategic plans from the soil of Pakistan. Pakistan gained maximum benefits of these globally engineered strategies in the region. Whereas China has also selected Pakistan for the safety and protection of its trade and economic strategies. Recent global changes, particularly developments taking place since the 9/11 attacks, has made also strong India, thus making Pakistan uncertain. Both Pakistan and India are historically hostile neighbors and they have fought four direct wars against each others, in the past. Post NATO troop’s environment in Afghanistan further fuelled uncertainty of Pakistan and provided an opportunity to its policymakers of getting the benefits of the situation ensued by NATO troops pullout from Afghanistan. The US in real terms didn’t honoured its commitments regarding elimination of extremism and terrorism of its roots. Whereas the world witnessed mushroom growth of terrorists in Pakistan during this period. The bad and good phenomenon becomes a universal fact. Now the good Taliban of Pakistan is active in almost all parts of the already war-ruined Afghanistan. From last several months, through a well planned ways, Afghanistan is being dubbed as a center of India against Pakistan. Whereas the progressive Pashtun nationalists, academicians, religious scholars, patriotic, peace and democracy loving politicians, intellectuals, and technocrats are portrayed as Indian agents. Pakistani media and a group of people from the particular mindset have unleashed this maligning campaign for the purpose. The Afghans suffered a lot in the last 36 years. They couldn’t afford more bloodshed and proxy wars on their soil. They deserve peace and stability. Since 9/11, the international community consumed too much, they helped in reconstruction of a war devastated country. Now Afghanistan is counted in fast developing countries. This time war against India on the soil of Afghanistan will not be confined to Pashtun dominated region. It will affect not only South Asia but its implications will be felt across the entire Asian region. This is high time for the international community to realize its responsibility of saving Afghanistan and its people of become scapegoat of yet another imported hostility on their soil.

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