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NSA commends clerics peace spurring

AT-KABUL: Condemning a suicide bombing outside a large ulema gathering, leaving 7 dead and scores injured, the National Security Advisor Haneef Atmar commended clerics’ continuous pursuit of peace and believed that there adamant approach could culminate a substantial result.

The radical Islamic State group claimed the attack which occurred near the main entrance to a large pavilion in Kabul, where about 2,000 Muslim clerics had assembled to deliberate on the war in Afghanistan. The ulema council issued a religious edict, according to which the insurgency in Afghanistan has no religious basis and declared that suicide attacks are forbidden in Islam.

NSA said that the enemy of Afghan people ruthlessly attacked a landmark ulema council gathering in a suicide bombing which left dozens of peace-mongering clerics martyred and injured. “I strongly condemn this abhorrent attack and pray for recovery of the injured,” he said.

This was an attack on over 2000 religious clerics representing a grand council of ulema that had come together to seek an end to war, fulfilling their national and Islamic obligation to support their government and security forces.

Those clerics who sacrificed their lives for peace will always be remembered by the people of Afghanistan. We are committed to working toward their peace quest and following on their footsteps.

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