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‘NUG asked to end internal rifts’; CPSA terms NUG foreign policy a failure canon

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Council for Protection and Stability of Afghanistan (CPSA) on Wednesday came hard on leaders of the National Unity Government over persists of internal rifts between them, asking to put an end to it before discrepancies.

“Still rifts are not resolved between NUG leaders, thus CPSA calls on both the leaders to go by the law and put an end before discrepancies,” CPSA Spokesman, Massoud Trishtwal told newsmen.

Briefing a press conference in Kabul, he said “rifts among leaders are not over national interests, but to hire members of their teams and families to the key positions, and also to strengthen its position for the next presidential election.” In reaction to favoritism he said, “Such mindset is a kind of sickness, which needs to be cured,” he noted. Moreover, he said that durability of Afghanistan and administrative system should not be sacrificed by sick thoughts.

According to him, political rifts and administrative corruption are the biggest challenge in NUG government to deal with.

Expressing concern over NUG’s weak foreign policy, Tarishtwal said, “our last year’s allies are Afghanistan’s enemies’ allies today, so taking this into view, how it is possible to call foreign policy a reasonable one.”

“Foreign policy should be based on clarity and very simple, but unfortunately, our current foreign policy is complicated.” Furthermore, he called on regional and international allies to take a clear stance over insecurity issues in Afghanistan.

Pointing toward procurement process and economic system, he said “decision in the aspect have to be taken inside the country.”

He informed media that big contracts discussing and finalizing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he believes that such practice would never help Afghanistan to have national unity government in real scene.

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