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“NUG scrambling with legitimacy”

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KABUL: Some political parties and figures say that the government of President Ghani would be illegal after its term finished on May 22, asking for a caretaker administration to run the country’s affairs until a new leader comes to power following the September 28 presidential elections.

The parties’ representatives said on Sunday that the country had entered the most critical process of crisis than any other time in the past, with tens of the youth being killed on daily basis. They accused the government of remaining silent.

They threatened to start “big disobeying” and civil moves if the national unity government didn’t hand over power to a caretaker administration.

Criticisms are increasing against the government continuation day by day. Earlier, presidential candidates demanded a caretaker administration to take over office from President Ghani.

Now, the political parties also want a transparent election to choose people’s real representative as the next president.

They said that while it was government job to implement the law, the national unity government and its officials are the violators of law.

They said that President Ghani was not authorized to fire and appoint officials as his authorities get restricted nearing elections.

They also asked the president to stop misusing government sources for his personal campaign.

President Ghani, however, says he would stay in power after May 22 as the Supreme Court had allowed him until the new president takes office.

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