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NUG seeks its stability in corruption: IWA

Government deals more politically, than implementing penalties against powerful corrupted figures: Afzali

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Integrity Watch of Afghanistan (IWA) on Monday criticized National Unity Government failure in fighting corruption, said that government pursue its stability in continuation of corruption.

“NUG not willing to implement penalties properly, but deals more politically with the powerful figures, who are corrupted or supporter of corruption, said IWA chief Syed Ekram Afzali.

He said that the government does not seriously react against powerful corrupted figures and willing to continue to the system with the support of them.

Criticizing weak political intention of NUG in fighting corruption, he said that rooting out corruption will be key to stability in Afghanistan, thus it is required of government to fight seriously against this phenomenon.

“ during first days of NUG establishment, President Ghani and CEO Abdullah had vowed to fight seriously against corruption, but after passing two years government have no any achievement in the aspect to be a prove for their claims in real,” he added.

He insisted that at all there is not political intention among politicians inside the government and out of the government for combating corruption.

He highlighted that most of the political figures inside the government or out the government likely has supported corruption networks and earned advantages.

Powerful corrupted figures were involved in illegal extraction of mineral mines, smuggling and big contracts, he asserted.

Political figures seek their interest in continuation of corruption, which this issue marred anti-corruption drives, he asserted.

He stated that corruption is a serious threat for stability of the system, if the government not fight seriously against corruption, all achievements gained in the past 15 years will be undermined.

Slamming involvement of numbers of lawmakers in corruption, Afzali said that parliament itself pave the ground for corruption, rather than playing as a combatant role in this arena.

Most of the parliament members referring to the governmental organs to get tribute and accept on them their illegal demands, he claimed.

Even number of Member of Parliament influenced in judiciary organs, particularly in provinces, he mentioned.

Researcher of IWA Nasir Taimori, while concerning over establishment of parallel organs and council for fighting corruption by the government said that serious reforms required in the aspect.

He said that 17 parallel organs established to fight corruption, but no significant achivment gained.

No any anti-corruption is independent and out of political pressure in the country, thus it is essential to the government to establish a unique and independent anti-corruption commission to fight in a better manner against corruption, he noted.

All the parallel anti-corruption organs must be reintegrated or dissolved, he underlined

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