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NUG terms end: Public opinion on it!

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KABUL: Today, May 22, is the last day of the national unity government, an administration formed by the US broker in September 2014 after none of two frontrunners in the president elections (President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah) managed to secure enough votes to prevent a power sharing deal.

Now, a large number of political leaders ask the president to step down from today, arguing that his continuing work would be against the constitution.

Also, a council shaped by 12 presidential candidates said Tuesday that the extension of Ghani’s government would cause more instability. 
The candidates want a caretaker administration to replace Ghani’s government and avoid a power vacuum.
But, presidential office rejects requests, saying that Ghani would stay in office until the new president swears in after the September presidential polls.

People are worried about security if tensions emerge over the power transition.
“In the past five years, ethnic prejudice was intensified, education faced quotas, joblessness and poverty kneeled the people, Taliban and terrorist groups got more power, casualties of security forces and civilians increased, US dollar had unexpected jump against Afghan currency and most of the families lack food,” said Abdullah Ramazanzada, a media activist.
Ali Amiri, student of political sciences, criticized Ghani’s governance, saying that it created monopoly of power, ethnic rifts and centralizing of power to one person.
“One person enjoyed all authorities in the national unity government. Even vice president was sidelined. Government leaders spent five years with personal tensions and failed to even form a complete cabinet.”
“The national unity government was not useful in many parts, but it was injurious. Increasing insecurity, war, poverty and unemployment are all the signs that explain weakness and defeat of the so-called national unity government,” said Zia Mousavi, a Kabul city resident.

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