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NUG to collapse if failed to bring reforms: Analysts

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: Analysts at the monthly session of the Rana Think Tank said that the National Unity Government (NUG) would collapse if it could not to bring reforms as the nation’s patience was at boiling point.

The analysts said that people would be forced to launch mass protests if the NUG does not introduce reforms.

They said the government was suffering from deep political, security and economic impasses due to political differences.

They said that lack of a single determination and a plenary policy in the government would lead the country to tremendous crises.

They asked the government to seek appropriate ways for bringing fundamental reforms for resolving the national challenges and the political differences.

Ahmadullah Nawid, Deputy of Afghanistan Regional Studies Center, said that people gradually lose their trust of the NUG because of deteriorating the security, joblessness and corruption.

He alleged that the NUG has not any single decision and policy for public services, adding that authorities work based on their willing and sabotage the work of other administrations.

“The worst impasse is distrust inside the government. People have also lost trust to government. President Ghani cannot use his legal authorities because the CEO’s interference and opposition,” he mentioned.

Nawid added that the NUG suffers from legal and political crisis and the political agreement signed to form the NUG would not be implemented due to some challenges.

“Unfortunately due to political opposition, both leaders could not provide any plenary policies for improvement. Therefore, the government works without policy.”

He termed the mentioned issue very hazardous and underlined that security, joblessness and corruption are due to political and legal impasses inside the NUG.

“According to government figures, so far, 30 percent of the territory is insecure, 200,000 people have left country in the past two years, while there are 51,000 vacant posts in the government.”

He said that so far, people seriously suffer from political, security and economic impasses, stressing that people would seek ways to change government.

Analyst Gul Rahim Safi said that the current impasses were as the result of fraudulence presidential election when the election commission introduced the NUG to nation.

He said the Loya Jirga should be called to take decision about the NUG and the future presidential election.

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