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NUG will overcome shortage of electricity to meet demands of investors

AT-KABUL: The President Ashraf Ghani has pledged on Saturday to support the private sectors and production of local items to improve trade balance in the country.

Addressing a local products expo here in Kabul, President Ghani emphasized on local production to improve life standard for all across the country.

“People’s lives will not change unless we improve the trade balance of Afghanistan. One third of our people go to bed with empty stomachs every night,” Ghani said.

To reach the most wanted goal, President Ghani stressed close coordination and joint work between the government and private sectors to boost up the country’s economy and add to people’s standard.

“The private sector and industries in Afghanistan are two cooperative sectors with each other. We will be dependent on others, unless we have industries. Cooperation means that government has the responsibility to support the industries and the domestic products,” he added.

Highlighting lack of required coordination between government and the private sector in the country, Ghani noted Afghanistan annually imports goods worth 1.5 billion USD.

Close cooperation between the government and private sectors could turn the country to be exporter in the near future, he furthered.

Responding to the demand of investors, complaining lack of electricity to run the industries, President Ghani vowed to overcome shortage of electricity in coming days.

“The issue of power shortage will be resolved within the upcoming two years. Afghanistan will be self-reliant in terms of providing power within the coming four years,” Ghani pledged.

The President further went on saying, “We will address insecurity and we will end up land grabbing. We will implement and exercise the law against those who thought they will not be held accountable.”

At least 100 local companies took active part in the three-day expo which kicked off last week on Tuesday.

The three days expo under the brand “It is Great, It is Made in Afghanistan” was organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

This productive event was aimed at introducing the local products and seeking markets for the items.

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