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NUG wrong foreign policy marred Afghanistan’s relation in the region: Spanta

Ethnic discrimination increased, beside security, economic and social crisis: Nabil

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The new government opposition political party under the name of ‘Mehawar-e-Mardom’ (People’s Orbit) was established on Sunday. Opposition leadership strongly criticized National Unity Government (NUG) for its failure in different aspect in past two years. During inauguration, the political stream insisted to overcome current crisis at the light of law with consultation of people and political figures in the country.

“Due to wrong foreign policy world anti-terrorism front in Afghanistan has been scattered,” said Ex National Security Advisor and Leadership-Member of Mehwar-e-Mardom Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta.

Speaking at inauguration of Mehwar-e-Mardom, he said that Iran, China, Russia and the whole western countries under the leading of USA were cooperating in anti-terrorism combat and construction in Afghanistan 15 years ago, but number of mentioned countries operating something different today than yesterday.

Mistakenly and dangerous operation of NUG in 2014-2015 lead to mar our historic relation with China and India, he added.

He said that lack of balance in foreign policy has impeded our relation with Russia and Middle Asia, where Russia the serious anti-Taliban regime changed as cooperator of Taliban and Pakistan.

Pointing to Pakistan, Dr. Spanta said that “NUG must have clear policy against Pakistan the main perpetrator of war.”

Dangerous policy against Pakistan and trust over Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) the intervener bloodthirsty network in Afghanistan affairs sparked more emotion against this organization, he noted.

He claimed that today Pakistan continue to construction of wall along Durand line as well as following progress on this side of this line to change Afghanistan as its colony.

NUG at the leading president following discord and suppress policy inside the country and remained silence against dissidents and national interest issues, he asserted.

Hinting to strategic agreements, he said that Mehwar-e-Mardom will support strategic pact, but Afghanistan’s law, constitution and independency   and political values must be respected at the light of strategic pacts.

He insisted that mutual interest and particularly voting right of people must be respected in strategic pact.

Pointing to Bilateral Security Agreement between Afghanistan and USA, he said that steps must be hold if joint defend from Afghanistan required.

The agreement will be meaningless, if USA keep silent against Pakistan raid on our soil, he mentioned.

Hinting to Iran president remark regarding Afghanistan water resources and dams, Dr. Spanta said that we have the right to use our waters at anyway for our own benefit.

Challenges over water must be solved through negotiation, he underlined.

Former National Security Directorate Head and another Leadership Member of Mehwar-e-Mardom Stream Rahmatullah Nabil said that “challenges not only solved since 2014, but increased at highest level across the country.”

He said that NUG has fueling the flame of tribalism and ethnic discrimination throughout the country.

Distrust has been increased more and more between governmental official and public, even rifts are sensible inside the government between officials, he asserted.

NUG must hold step to address all political, economical and social issues, he emphasized.

Mehwar-e-Mardom will work seriously with people to provide a draft to the government to overcome crisis across the country.

Mehwar will continue to its combat against crisis as well as urges government to bring reforms in all security and defend organizations throughout the country.

Mehwar-e-Mardom will start its work with the people in capital and 33 provinces to seek way of going out from challenges.

Mehwar-e-Mardom is a stream, which its members comprised of political, tribal and national figures. This stream is leading with a leadership Shura and the Shura will hold the final decision.

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