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Number of Kabul police to be doubled

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KABUL: As insecurity has escalated, the 6:30 regular morning session chaired by the First Vice President, Amruallah Saleh appears to have reached an agreement with security agencies to double the number of Kabul police.

In his Facebook page, Saleh says even in a state of stability and calm, Kabul has the lowest number of police. “We have the lowest police in proportion to the world’s population, especially in the third countries.”

He said that the increase in the number of police crew would be taken slowly and accurately. He also talked about specific criteria for the recruitment process. “Those who fail to meet the criteria will not sign up.”

The mountain outposts will also hand over to the army, he said. This will help police to return to its due duty which is the implementation of the rule of law.

In another move, all the outposts of NGOs and part of the ministries handed over to the public protection forces paved the way for 500 police to return to their main job.

Kabul security has deteriorated recently causing huge problem for the residents who feel the capital city is no safer.

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