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Of troops defection, Urozgan and the government

Those who wear the prestigious uniform and carry out rifles into combat are the faithful sons of the soil, and the nation’s job is to hold them higher in respect and esteem because they are protecting us from a force like the Taliban—a human specie gone insane and bloodthirsty. The military might of a country represents its national strength or vulnerablity. If it is vulnerable, the enemy tries to hit at the vulnerabilities. When it comes to our men in uniform, they indeed are respected as they are rendering greatest sacrifices, however what happens when a few of them defect? The nation starts grieving and the government losing temper. They are not average or ordinary people. Even their slightest mistakes have a biggest risk. This is alarming. This is shocking. And indeed this is annoying. And it must not be tolerated at all. A private news channel reported that at least 37 security personnel including soldiers and police have switched sides to join the Taliban in central Uruzgan province. They have taken their weapons away with them. The district governor of Khas Urozgan, Abdul Karim Karimi confirmed the reports, but said that a number of these defectors have been killed by the Taliban after crossing over to them. Now it must serves as a lesson for those who think of defection. This is not an Afghan trait at all to defect or show your back to the rival force. And it shows how the Taliban welcome them when someone jumps to join them. Since the security forces and police are locked up in a bloody battle against the militants where in some areas they have overrun a number of military posts in the area, therefore the government must carry out a thorough probe that what caused the “defection”. The pride of the nation has been hurt. It is a national betrayal, because the prays of the mothers, fathers and sisters of the nation have been ridiculed by such an act. This is worth pride to receive a flag draped coffin of a son, a brother and a father than defected to those who have been killing our future—our kids, bombing our weddings, destroying our graveyards, and attacking our mosques, schools and hospitals. Our national flag is our national esteem and pride. Defection is our national shame and dishonor. Last week, officials said that fierce clashes were the order of the day in the Khas Urozgan district where at least 10 security check-posts had been reportedly seized by insurgents. Now the government must try to know what caused this heavy blow. Politics, weaker military strategy or the collusion of local government officials? Whatever has caused this blow, the government must try to find out. Last month, scores of military troops were ruthlessly killed in Badakhshan province. Collusion of local government officials and political figures with the Taliban was blamed for it. But unfortunately the government didn’t carry out a serious investigation into the matter and those who conspired are still alive and well. On top of that it is condemnable that so far the central government has not commented on the clash in Urozgan and the reported collapse of the posts.

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