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Offensive leaflet: Protestors chant ‘Death to America’

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Residents of Qarabagh district of Kabul on Tuesday staged a peaceful demonstration against the highly offensive leaflet dropped by the US forces last Thursday in Parwan, Kapisa and Kohdaman districts of Kabul province.

The protesters demanded severe punishment for the culprits. A large number of protesters were carrying and waving Afghanistan National Flag. However a number of Taliban flags were also seen. The Kabul-north highway remained blocked for three hours where the protesters chanted slogan of ‘death to America” loudly.

“We are prepared to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our religion,” ToloNews quoted a protestor, Hekmatullah Haqmal, as saying.

“It is better for the US to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, the US has killed thousands of our brothers since it started the war in Afghanistan sixteen years ago,” said another protestor, Saifurrahman Habibi.

“The US has repeatedly insulted our religious values, we can never pardon such blasphemous acts,” Ghulam Jailani, another protester said.

At the end of demonstration, the protesters distributed a written declaration, comprising of eight items.

According to the declaration, the protesters said if the government is reluctant to go through its legal responsibilities into the highly sensitive and offensive matter, then the Afghan people would go to every length in a bid to secure their religious valves and practices

The residents of Qarabagh once again repeated their call, urging the coalition forces to stop patrolling in Qarabagh in order to save civilians from their brutalities.

Distributing a highly offensive leaflet by the US forces has sparked anger and outcry among the Afghan people. However, a top commander of US forces in Afghanistan has issued a cryptic press release apologizing for an image highly offensive to both Muslims and their religion, Islam and pledged that such type of unpleasant incidents would not be repeated in future, and the culprits would be brought into the court of justice after conducting a free and fair investigation.

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