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Officials at helm “reluctant” towards peace conundrum

AT News Report-KABUL: A number of political commentators and former government officials have confided that peace process was bedeviled with a dragging stalemate and the central government and its allies were reluctant towards embarking a meaningful and successful reconciliation.

Addressing an event marking the launch of a new political movement led by political and military analysts Ahmad Saeedi and Jawed Kohistani, the prominent ex-officials said the U.S. anti-terror strategy didn’t necessarily guarantee victory against insurgents. They called on the Taliban to accede to the incessant demands to join the long-stalled peace process.

“In a government with tainted leaders who are in constant state of denial and deception, a fair competition and fair preconditions seems an impossible scenario,” said former national security advisor Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, “So is peace without political will and devoid of recognizing terrorism financiers and eliminating the belligerents”.

Dr. Spanta’s remarks come weeks after president Ghani laid forth an unconditional peace proposition to the Taliban with unprecedented concessions.

Addressing the launch of the new Movement for Peace, Justice and Freedom of Afghanistan, former vice president Mohammad Yunus  Qanooni said the peace process was facing crisis on a national and international level. He criticized that neither the government nor international alliance had an explicit robust agenda for peace. Qanooni said dragging the peace process furthermore was unacceptable, demanding the electoral body to announce the timeline for the presidential election soon, saying any delay was unjustifiable.

Talking in the event, Anwar-ulhaq Ahadi head of the New National Front of Afghanistan laid critique on the unconditional peace offer set forth by the Afghan leader to the Taliban, saying the proposition was ambiguous and incomprehensive. “However, we call on the Taliban to join peace,” he said.

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