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Officials sound alarm over Black Fungus outbreak

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KABUL: The Ministry of Public Health warns about the outbreak of the Black Fungus disease in Afghanistan, saying that it had registered so far three positive cases in the provinces of Kabul, Baghlan and Samangan.

Earlier this week, reports said that a 30 years old man and a 45 years old lady were infected by the Black Fungus. Reports said that the man died of the disease.

Wahid Majrooh, acting public health minister, said Saturday that the Black Fungus is a rare disease which has been seen for the first time in Afghanistan.

Fever, coughing, vomiting and black signs on the mouth and nose are the signs of the Black Fungus. Most of Black Fungus patients are those people who had been earlier infected by the Corona virus.

The people whose body defense systems have been weakened due to other diseases especially the Covid 19, are the most victims of the Black Fungus. Its bacteria are found in the human body and vegetables, but the body defense system prevents it in healthy people.

55 per cent of Black Fungus patients die globally.

The Corona virus and Black Fungus are threatening the lives of Afghans while most of them do not care about their health condition. However, the government has started vaccination campaign against the Covid disease, with acting minister Majrooh, saying that 914,000 people have so far received vaccines. The United States has promised to donate 3,000,000 doses of vaccines to Afghanistan this week.

According to ministry of public health, no reduction has been seen in the number of Corona patients.

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