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OIC calls on Taliban to reverse university ban for women


Kabul: Following the decision by the Taliban to close down universities for girls and women for an unspecified period, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC Secretary-General Hussain Ibrahim Taha, expresses his grave concern & denunciation of this disconcerting decision

It is stated in this statement that this move through the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan is even more disappointing for this organization, because previously the Secretary General of this organization and his special envoy for Afghanistan have “repeatedly warned the Taliban against taking such a decision”.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation added that the last warning message was given by the special envoy of the Secretary General of this organization during his trip to Kabul in mid-November of this year.

According to Mr. Ibrahim Taha, suspending girls’ access to university courses, as it deprives Afghan girls and women of the right to education, employment and social justice, will seriously and quickly weaken the credibility of Taliban.

This international Islamic organization emphasized that although it is committed to its policy of interaction with the Taliban, but denounce this decision, and asked the Taliban to reconsider and cancel this order “in order to maintain consistency between their promises and actual decisions.

Meanwhile, the United Nations and its humanitarian partners in Afghanistan have condemned the Islamic Emirate’s decision to suspend the education of girls and women in a joint statement and called for the immediate cancellation of this decision.

In this statement published by UNAMA today (Wednesday, December 21), it is stated that the UN family and the entire humanitarian community in Afghanistan share the anger of millions of Afghan citizens and the international community regarding the decision of the Islamic Emirate.

According to this organization, the recent decision of the Islamic Emirate will be a negative factor for Afghans living abroad who want to return to the country and will encourage more people to flee the country.

On Tuesday December 20, the Ministry of Higher Education of Taliban, in a letter addressed to public and private universities, that the education of girls be “suspended” until further notice.

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