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On the one year anniversary of Russian special operation in Ukraine

By: Demitry Zhirnov, Russian Ambassador in Afghanistan

Kabul: Almost a year has passed since the start of special military operations by Russia in Ukraine. The Kiev Regime continues to cold-bloodedly shell Russian civilian cities. For example on January 29, the armed forces of Ukraine conducted a barbaric attack on a hospital in Novoidar region (Donetsk People’s Republic), 14 people died as a result and 24 others were injured. On the same day, Ukrainian forces also shelled a children’s hospital in the Novaya Kakhovka district, fortunately did not harm anyone during that episode.

Russia will investigate each of these crimes and prosecute all those involved.

Even Western NGOs confirm the war crimes by the Ukraine. For example, recently Human Rights Watch has reluctantly admitted that this country violated numerous commitments that it had obliged to adhere.

Human Rights Watch has confirmed the use of Lepestok (petal) anti-personnel mines by the Ukrainian forces in the Izium region and surrounding areas (in Kharkov province. These NGOs asks the Ukrainian authorities to conduct a detailed investigation on the use of anti-personnel mines and to comply with the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Landmines ratified by Ukraine in 2005.

Will this request be fulfilled by Ukraine? No. No investigation and no work on the matter will be done just because Ukraine does exactly what the US, the UK and NATO tell it. Currently, there is an order to destroy people regardless of their nationality or religion for the purpose of the so-called strategic defeat of Russia. They are eager to kill every citizen of Ukraine.

The revelation of Human Rights Watch may face the same fate as the previous documents by the similar institutions. They will keep those documents out of reach of Western media.

In the meantime, peaceful life in the liberated areas is gradually returning to normal. More than 32,000 hectares of land have been cleared of landmines by Russian troops, more than 2,800 buildings have been repaired and 28 kilometers of roads have been restored. At the same time more than 975,000 explosive devices have been destroyed and active work is underway to rebuild new Russian territories. 575 kilometers of roads, 16 bridges and 3500 projects in the energy sector have been repaired. Reconstruction and construction of new residential houses in Mariupol and other cities in the liberated areas is in full swing.

At the same time we see even more belligerent rhetoric by the Western officials who do not shy from making loud statements about the war in Ukraine. They see the impasse and the lack of reason in their position.

Announcements on the supply of Western weapons increase the greed of the Ukrainian regime which continues to shell hospitals and civilians, and is showing that it wants to escalate the conflict.

It is clear that the West pursues its own goals by aiding Ukraine. It does not help the people of Ukraine, but rather incites the conflict with Russia. The supplies are paid off by the blood of ordinary Ukrainians who are forced to defend the financial and political interests of the US and its allies. There is no other reason for that. The US was long looking for someone to carry out that mission, and it found Ukraine to do that.

In this context the talks on the confiscation of Russian assets are a sheer nonsense, since they use illegal means to allegedly rebuild Ukraine, and destroy Ukraine at the same time by sending weapons to this country.

The West bears responsibility for the situation in Ukraine. Western lawyers are trying to find “legitimate” ways to confiscate Russian assets. It is certain that these resources will not reach ordinary citizens of Ukraine anyway, but rather end in the pockets of Ukrainian corrupt officials and its foreign allies. And, by the way, there is no legitimate way to confiscate Russian assets.

The best way for peace in Ukraine is to accept Russian conditions, and the reality rather than to invent a new one.

By arming Kiev and turning it into leverage against Russia the Collective West continues to support the neo-Nazis of Ukraine and, of course, ignores their brutality and crimes. In this context, the decision of American Meta to remove Azov neo-Nazi group (known in Russia as a terrorist organization that is responsible for numerous crimes, including crimes against civilians) from the list of dangerous organizations is quite revealing.

In 2015, Azov was designated by United States Congress as an obvious Nazi and fascist entity. Alas, the values of the West are influenced by the considerations of the day and election cycles.

The West deploys all possible resources in its campaign against Russia, namely from transferring weapons to the puppet Kiev regime to brainwashing the people of Ukraine and publishing fake reports about Russia, imposing distorted values and making manipulations through the use of technology.

It seems Kiev and its Western masters see the people of Ukraine as cannon fodder, and ready to sacrifice them without extra hesitation.

Although the West tries to harm Russia and mislead the world community about its selfish goals in Ukraine, history will put everything in its place and reward according to one’s merits.

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