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Only traditional Loya Jirga can end current challenges: Gul Rahman Qazi

AT-KABUL: The Peace and Salvation Council, a political party believes that the current crisis wouldn’t be solved through military acts and only inter-Afghan reconciliation is the solution.

Addressing a press conference, Gul Rahman Qazi, head of the party, expressed concerns over fragile political and security situation of Afghanistan, saying that Afghanistan war was imposed by strangers and it is for their interest.

He said that discord among Afghan caused to they become hand tools for others.

At current situation it is required of all Afghans to keep unity to defeat strangers’ plots, he noted.

Mr. Qazi said that current war faced to deadlock and no any side have the ability to eliminate other side, thus it is essential to put an end before this conflict, which daily claim lives of women, children and youth in the country.

If the military option was the solution the US forces and its allies would be succeeded to bring peace in Afghanistan in the past 15 years, but unfortunately conflict increased more, he claimed.

He insisted that only diplomacy option is the solution, which is possible through negation of political figures, tribal elders and armed dissidents.

Pointing to the US new strategy for Afghanistan, in which emphasized over end of support from insurgents and suppress of them by Pakistan, we should not rely on foreigners to bring peace in Afghanistan.

The PSC also released a resolution in which said that government has neglected to take in hand a clear program to reach to peace, the council also insisted that presence of foreign troops till unlimited and unclear time is not acceptable and it is needed to a mechanism in the aspect to be acceptable for all.

This came after Head of PSC in an interview with Afghanistan Row Website, called for running of traditional Loya Jirga to overcome crisis. He termed Afghanistan situation a critical situation and asked for emergency convention of Loya Jirga to find solution.

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