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‘Only traditional Loya Jirga can help solve current problems’

AT-KABUL: Thousands of people, including political parties, and civil society activists lambasted the National Unity Government (NUG) over its failure in the past three years, asking for convening of traditional Loya Jirga (Grand Assemble) in order to cope with ongoing crisis in the country.

The large gathering that was held on Thursday, was attended by thousands of people who announced support for holding the Loya Jirga to help develop understanding which was the only way to steer the country out of crisis.

The participants, including political parties, civil societies, males and females, putted weight behind former President Hamid Karzai’s suggestion for holding traditional Loya Jirga amid at becoming heavier on current crisis.

In the gathering titled “Traditional Loya Jirga is the only remedy to overcome current crisis”, the attendees claimed that the National Unity Government (NUG) has been failed to fulfill commitments pledges during election campaign, especially in reinforcing security situation across the country.  They believed t insecurity is growing day by day; Daesh and Taliban insurgent outfits have been expanding their controlled areas. Moreover, they hinted toward fragile economy situation, saying it become worst in the past three years during the NUG period. Noting the current uncertainty, they called on the government to set up Loya Jirga as according to them it is the only way to find solution to the challenges, and direct the country toward betterment.

“NUG has failed to address challenges, also to positively response to the legal demands of the people in the past three years,” Chairman of New Basin Afghanistan Party, Ahmadullah Alizai told the gathering.

Noticing increase in the current challenges, the Afghan masses has reached a decision to asked the government to convene Loya Jirga, he said, calling on the people to raise voice if the government seemed reluctant to hold Jirga, aimed  at removing all exist challenges.

Member of the Wolesi Jirga or (Lower House) of the Parliament, Abdalullah Mohammadi said, “growing insecurity has become a daily matter now as even Kabul, the capital city is not safe.”

“Security forces have been receiving more casualties, the neighboring countries, especially Pakistan and Iran has been creating challenges, in which via lens of Loya Jirga we can find a suitable solution to this,” he added.

Head of Afghanistan United Nation Party, and a lawmaker, Abdul Rahim Ayobe said “Traditional Loya Jirga is not against NUG or a white coup, it is just a platform to get rid of crisis that pushing our country toward devastation.”

According to him, NUG has no legitimacy as it violated the Constitution by dividing powers by 50 percent between the two teams—that itself pushing the country toward crisis.

Highlighting incompetence of the government, he said that NUG has failed to run parliamentarian election on due time, which is a clear indicator of inefficiency of the government.

Moving further, he said that escalation of war and insecurity, attack on mosques, military bases and on highways is a clear sign of crisis.

Moreover, he strongly criticized Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA), saying this military pact has leaded to nowhere in Afghanistan, rather insecurity has been intensified.

“Despite (BSA) with the USA, still challenges are increasing, so it is time to revise the pact as it proved fruitless so far,” he added.

“On daily basis, Afghan youths, elders, children and women are rendering sacrifices without tangible result, so today we gathered under one roof to make a decision in order to put full stop to this destruction,” he said.

He emphasized that they are not against the system, but convening the traditional Loya Jirga is a step to deal with problems. “We will also call on the Taliban insurgents to participate in the traditional Loya Jirga.”

Criticizing NUG for fueling tribalism, he said that noting would be gained through tribalism, but we would lead toward a catastrophe.

Furthermore, he expressed his concerns over changing Afghanistan into a ground for proxy wars among regional and beyond countries.

“Afghanistan must not be changed as ground for proxy wars between USA, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arab, Pakistan and India,” he told the gathering, while showing deep concern. We don’t want to become victims of proxy war rather we want bilateral strategic relations with the world based on mutual interests, he said.

Another lawmaker, who is representing Urozgan in Wolesi Jirga, Obaidullah Barkzai said, “We want Traditional Loya Jirga to be convened, in which all people and tribes representative be presented and make decision for better future of Afghanistan.”

He directly said that Pakistan Iran, Taliban, Daesh and other militant outfits have been killing innocent Afghans throughout the country.

Ex-President Advisor, Shahzada Masoud said running of traditional Loya Jirga is for the interest of Afghanistan, neighboring and the world.

“If the NUG didn’t convene traditional Loya Jirga in nearest time, we will take step in cooperation with the tribal elders and political leaders to hold it,” he warned.

A tribal elder, and ex-Member of the Parliament, Padshah Khan Zadran said NUG leaders, President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah, failed to fulfill commitments they made with the people.

“Our call for Jirga is to address people challenges, and nothing else.”

Tribal elder from Urozgan, Haji Ahmad Muhsen said, “Considered former President Karzai as a national leader, and supported his suggestion regarding convening of traditional Loya Jirga.

Head of Disable Association, Mina Aziz, while expressing grievance due to mounting of insecurity, announced support from convening traditional Loya Jirga.

Another legislator, Turan Abdul Khaliq voiced concern over increasing of challenges, terming the convening of the traditional Loyar Jirga, as the only remedy left to overcome current crisis.

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