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Opposition pushes for more inclusive electoral reforms

AT News Report-KABUL: The political coalition of government’s political opposition is now challenging the government with eight more suggestions, after the government accepted three of their suggestions; biometric system, change of electoral system and monitoring of the political parties.

Representatives of the political parties now say that election should be held online, the votes without biometric should be invalidated, political parties should receive the right to monitor the counting process and database.

Election should be held online in the areas where people have access to internet.

The votes should be invalidated in the areas without biometric system. Political parties should have the right to monitor the database of the votes.

Political parties should be allowed to send their agents to the counting process.

The voters’ photos, two fingers and their ID card photos should be counted.

Election should be held based on the simple ID cards.

The biometric should be safe from fraud.

The government should let people know about the contract over the biometric.

The political parties claim that voter registration process was full of fraud, so the election should be held based on the ID cards without stickers on their covers.

They said their suggestions were sent to government for more transparency and if the latter did not care the suggestions, they would continue struggles to make obstacles ahead of the election.

The Independent Election Commission says that counting of the votes from the areas without biometric would be done in the consultation, but adds that removing of stickers from the ID cards would not be possible and this was the final decision.


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