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Opposition raises spectre of fraud even with biometric polls

By Basir Qazizada-KABUL: The government’s opposition parties are pessimistic over the use of biometric system to prevent fraud in the election, amid government and election commission’s efforts in sending the machineries to the polling stations across the country.

The political parties opposing government under a coalition had been previously urging on the use of the biometric system to prevent the October 20 legislative election, but now they claim the government has purchased the systems from China instead of Germany that was earlier contracted.

The parties said Saturday that the offline use of the biometric would not only guarantee election’s transparency, but it would pave ground for further fraud.

The machines imported from China are said to be unable to identify the voters, thus one person can vote more than once.

The political coalition accuses the government and independent election commission of efforts to hold the election as they want.

But the election commission dismisses allegations made by the political parties, saying the election would be held with full transparency.

The election officials say the biometric system would be able to identify the voters and help to prevent fraud.

Earlier reports were saying that foreign donors of the election were discussing to convince the election commission to postpone the election for at least 20 days.

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