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Opposition seeks explanation on rollout of ‘biometric system’ plan

Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan on Monday welcomed decision of the Independent Election Commission (IEC)for integrating biometric voting into the October vote and sought ‘explanation’ about from the poll panel about how its mechanism operates.

In the aftermath of lingering rivalries and political confrontations with the opposition ravaging for electoral reforms, the government has finally agreed to enforce biometric system in the forthcoming parliamentary election.

Afghanistan is at the threshold of a landmark yet controversial vote with less than one month left for the government and its fledgling election machinery to make the crucial polls happen.

The opposition alliance welcomed the decision for the use of biometric voting system, calling for on the election commission to divulge all available details about the mechanism of the biometric process.

“The GNCA welcomes the decision of the government and IEC regarding of using biometric voting system and as sign of goodwill halt its civil movements,” said Deputy of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of parliament and a prominent member of the GNCA HumaionHumaion.

Addressing a press conference, he asked the government and IEC to share details with the GNCA and parties about the mechanism in order to ensure the free, fair and nationwide election.

Terming a responsibility for the GNCA to avoid of structuring an illegal parliament and government infuriate, he warned that the GNCA will stand against any backward steps regarding the announcement.

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