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Opposition slams massive irregularities during polls

Opposition of the government – touted as National Coalition of Afghanistan – on Monday heaped scorns on large-scale discrepancies and maladroit management of polls which deterred voters and political parties during the two-day voting.

Delays in opening polling stations, discrepancies in voter lists, and faulty biometric devices sparked cynicism and detachment in voters and political parties, said a coalition’s spokesperson.

Coming up with an example, he said that Bamyan voters list have been sent to Herat, which is a serious challenge.

Not using of biometric system due some issues and challenges ahead of observers were also matter of concern for the political parties, he added. There much reason that rapidly voting was avoided in those sites, where biometric systems have been used properly.

He claimed that internationally biometric system was not used in some sites.

He stated we won’t accept the result of those sites, where biometric system was not used.

Observation process also had problems and the polling process was not observed properly, he underlined.

Political parties raised voice over challenge in election while, number of voters and observes since first day of polling complained of mismanagement and delay in starting voting process in different sites throughout the country.

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