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Our problems stem from detachment from Prophet teachings; Ghani

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani says that the country’s current problems were caused by lack of properly learning Prophet Mohammad’s morality.

Ghani who was addressing a number of religious scholars on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) birth anniversary in Kabul, said Tuesday that the prophet was fighting against violence and ignorance, adding that the Muslim nation should achieve welfare and peace following his instructions.

The president said that the world was saved from ignorance and darkness by the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

“If we see today war and violence in our beloved country, if the violence takes victims from us and if our women and children are worried about many things and if there are scores of obstacles between us and development, these are all the signs that we have not learned the Great Prophet’s moralities properly,” Ghani said, adding that the Prophet’s (PBUH) instructions should be relearned.

The birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PUBH) is celebrated as the greatest event in the Muslim states.

The president said that head of clericscouncils would get membership of the provincial sessions.

He ordered the ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs to launch computer classes for the religious scholars.

Mohammad Hashem Salehi, a religious scholar said that unity and solidarity was a big part of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) morality, and people should learn this and avoid from discrimination.

“The Great Prophet of Islam was the founder and axis of unity. Our little differences cannot affect our common belief and view about the Prophet because Shiites and Sunnis have no differences on the Prophet,” he added.

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