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Over 100 security outposts built along Durand Line


Kabul: Afghanistan has established more than 100 security outposts alongside the Durand Line in the eastern parts of the country.

These outposts were built by the order of acting Minister of Defense Mawlawi Mohammad Yaqoob.

In close vicinity to the outposts, several roads are also being built in addition to the outposts themselves. One of these roads is being built in the Salaleh neighborhood of Nangarhar province’s Goshta district.

“Previously, the border outposts were very far away. We have established more than 100 outposts in the eastern provinces on the Zero Line. These outposts have been established in Nangarhar, Kunar and Nuristan provinces,” said Qari Meraj, commander of the border brigade of the eastern zone.

“In the previous government, the road near the Durand Line either did not exist, or if it did, it was destroyed. The people who live in these areas and the forces who were in the outposts in these areas were facing problems,” said Wahidullah Mohammadi, spokesman of the 201 Khalid bin Walid Army Corps.

The residents of Salalah area, are also happy about the construction of this road.

“Before, we had many problems here. There was no road, and people were shooting from the neighboring areas, and people were moving from this area,” said Imran, a resident of Goshta district.

According to officials of 201 Khalid bin Walid Army Corps in the eastern zone, efforts are still being made to provide facilities for both the military and people.

“We try our best to provide services to our people,” said Qudratullah Barkat, the head of the engineering department of the 201 Khalid bin Walid Army Corps.

The news of the construction of military outposts along the Durand Line comes just two weeks after clashes broke out at the Torkham crossing between Pakistani border guards and Islamic Emirate forces. An event that caused the Torkham crossing to be closed for nine days.

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