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Over 16,000 Afghans Receive COVID-19 Vaccine in One Week

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KABUL: More than 16,000 people have been immunized against the Corona virus just one week since the vaccination program was launched in Afghanistan.

Gholam Jilani Niyazi, head physician in Herat provincial hospital said Tuesday that most of those vaccinated are healthcare personnel including himself.

Niyazi, 54, continued serving patients during the pandemic. He visited the patients at their houses and treated them. Now, he says that he didn’t feel any sensitivity while being injected with the Covid-19 vaccine.

“We 10 doctors were vaccinated and three of us didn’t have signs while the seven rest had signs of the disease such as fever, pain and asthma. They were also OK after 24 hours,” he said.

But his colleague Jan Aqa’s condition was different as he felt severe fever and had pain and asthma after being injected the vaccine.

“I was vaccinated two days ago and my health condition was not good until yesterday. I had headache, sore throat, fever and other pains in my body. Now, thanks God, I am good,” Aqa said.

Officials in the ministry of public health say that the vaccine has sensitivities when it is injected until it produces antibody.

“We vaccinated 4,422 healthcare personnel in the past 24 hours. Totally 16,646 health personnel have been immunized in the past one week. We plan to vaccinated journalists and military servicemen after the medical personnel,” Massouma Jafari, spokeswoman at the ministry of public health said.

India donated 500,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to Afghanistan last month. This is the first time that Afghans receive Corona virus vaccines since the disease broke out in the country last February.

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