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Over 16,000 people arrested in the country last year for criminal charges


Kabul: Abdulmatin Qane, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, told the media that the level of criminal crimes has decreased significantly across the country compared to previous years, because in the past year, nearly 12,000 criminal incidents have occurred across the country, and more than 16 thousand people have been arrested in connection with these crimes.

According to his statements, in the year 1401 around 11,800 criminal offenses were committed in the country, in connection with which 16,600 criminals were arrested, and these arrests helped to reduce criminal offenses throughout the country.

In the meantime, Noorullah Ebrahim Khel, a military expert, said in an interview with Afghan media “Criminal crimes do not decrease with making arrests, so it is necessary for the government to root out its main factors.”

He stated that the main cause of criminal offenses in the country is poverty and citizens’ lack of knowledge about the law, adding that increasing job opportunities and reducing poverty, economic inequality, and programs and training courses to inform the public about the dangers of crimes can help to reduce crimes.

This military expert also emphasized that in order to arrest and identify criminals, the police forces should be given technical and professional training, so that they can better identify the criminals and present them to the court.

He pointed out that one of the reasons why the Islamic Emirate was able to prevent the increase in criminal offenses in the country, compared to the previous government, was the presence of police forces in high-risk areas and the installation of CCTV cameras in the cities of the country.

Also, Haidullah Mohammadi, a resident of Kabul, told media that the main reason why young people turn to crime is unemployment and poverty, so the government should provide job opportunities for young people in the country to prevent crimes.

He expressed that if the government does not provide job opportunities for the youth, crimes will increase in the country and terrorist groups will use the poverty and poverty of the citizens to recruit youth.

This is despite the fact that during the previous government, criminal crimes had increased to such an extent that the police were unable to deal with them, and they were stealing people’s property even in broad daylight.

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