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Over 30 civilians killed in Kabul mosque attack

Afghan leaders strongly condemned the attack over prayers in Kabul and called it an act against Afghans and Islam

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: At least 30 civilians were killed and another 85 wounded after a suicide bomber detonated his explosive inside a mosque in Kabul Monday afternoon, officials said.

“A suicide bomber targeted the Bqir-ul-uloom mosque in Chahrqala area of Police District 6 at around 12:10pm, killing 27 and wounding 35 others,” said police spokesman Basir Mujahid.

Praying ceremony was going on when the bomber blew himself up inside the mosque, Mujahid added.

He said that the ceremony was held without any coordination with the security organs, thus, the enemy of Afghan people misused the opportunity and hit the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Ismail Kawosi, spokesman for the public health ministry said that 30 dead including one child and 85 wounded people including seven women were shifted to hospitals.

He said that shortly after the incident, ambulances arrived in the area and transferred wounded people to Isteqlal and Emergency hospitals.

“I was behind a pillar, when suddenly heard a heavy boom inside the mosque,” a witness said.

He said that after the explosion, the mosque was full of smoke and dust and most of the participants were smeared to blood.

This is the second incident over the Shiite prayers in the past two months in Kabul, around 40 days ago gunmen had attacked Shiite mourners in Sakhi shrine on the eve of Ashurain Kabul and killed 14 mourners.

A statement issued here said that President Ghani strongly condemned the atrocity attack over prayers in Baqir-ul-uloom mosque.

Statement said that President termed the incident an act by the Afghan and Islam enemy as well as an attempt to fun the flame of discord.

President ordered to hospitals to strive hard in treating wounded people, added the statement.

Chief Executive Officer of National Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah on his twitter said that I strongly condemn the suicide attack targeting mourners in a mosque in Kabul.

He said that this attack is against religions, faiths, humanity, human ideologies and every human belief, this is a sign of barbarism and cruelty.

These terrorists and their harboring states will pay a heavy price for these atrocities against the Afghan people, he added.

He said that “while we mourn the loss of our loved ones, we must make sure to work for unity and avoid the enemy plots that divide us by titles.”

No group still claimed the responsibility for the attack, but Shiite people were mostly targeted by the Daesh group in the country in recent two years.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on his twitter account rejected involvement of Taliban in the attack.

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