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Over 52pc people won’t vote in parliamentary polls: Survey

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Focus Development Organization, a watchdog, released a report on Monday saying that 52.34 percent voters had negative perception regarding elections. Over fifty percent of respondents said that they would not cast their ballots in the coming parliamentary election.

The survey has been conducted in the past six months face to face audio interviews with 10,512 people by Focus Development Organization in 364 districts and 182 city wards (Nahiyas) in Afghanistan, except 41 insecure districts.

“Out of 10,512 interviewees 47.66% people said that they would while, 52.34% people said they would not vote in the coming parliamentarian elections,” said President of Focus Development Organization Najibullah Azad.

He said that the responders claimed that they don’t believe over the electoral system, Member of Parliament (MPs) are not people’s representative, but brokers and shopkeepers.

“People also believe that members of the Wolesi Jirga are involved in corruption, thus they won’t like to cast their votes in coming parliamentary election,” he added.

According to survey 14.23% people said that they don’t believe in the electoral system. 20.90% people said that the Lower House is not a national assembly (house of the people), but brokers’ and shopkeepers house. 15.83% believe that most MPs in Lower House are corrupt. 9.47% people believe as soon one becomes an MP never looks back at them. 12.05% people believe that the electoral system itself has provided circumstances to an illiterate and ignoramus to become an MP. 7.96% people believe that MPs are one of the main reason in instability and destruction. 9.56% people believe that MPs have done absolutely nothing in the past ten years.

Also the report revealed that 7.47%  people  believe  that  they  can’t  vote because of the insecurity, 2.53% people said they don’t want to make another warlord.

87.89% of 10512 people said that they are unhappy with the communication system with MPs and 36.73% people said that MPs are involved in corruption.

14.06%  people  believe  in  one  constituency  while  85.94%  people  believe  in  multiple constituencies.

However, 33.79% of the total number of people gave positive votes to MPs based on their works.

The Focus’s spokesman Abdul Nafi Himmat said that out of 10, 512 people including 88.67% men and 11.33% women who had voted in the last parliamentarian elections were covered in the survey.

He said that also 33.79% believe that MPs have provided services and are their true representatives.

The findings also concludes 10 male and 10 female best MPs on national level based on the votes, he added.

The MPs, who are respected by people are: Ramazan Bashardost, Mirwais Yasini, Mohammad Ibrahim Ghashtalay, Haji Abdul Khaliq Balkarzai, Baktash Syawash, Ustad Mohammad Akbari, Eng. Kamal Safi, Haji Khalil Ahmad Shaheedzada, Dr. Inayatullah Babar, Haji Haidar Jan Naeemzoi. Shukria Barakzai, Naheed Fareed, Fariba Ahmadi Kakar, Sahira Sharif, Fawzia Kofi, Aryan Yoon, Shah Gul Razaee, Hamida Ahmadzai, Humaira Ayoubi, and Habiba Danish are those female lawmakers who enjoy good image.

It is pertained to mention that FOCUS is a local NGO which was founded in February 2015.

Focus is a network of several civil societies, which is led, operated and promoted by different national and international Media’s senior producers, reporters, editors and technical experts.

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