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Over 95% of US troops out of Afghanistan

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KABUL: About 95 percent of US troops have left Afghanistan, according to US Central Command.

US Central Command said in a tweet on Tuesday evening that since the beginning of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defense has withdrawn 984 C-17 aircrafts from Afghanistan and delivered 17,074 pieces of military equipment to the Logistics Defense Agency for destruction.

The US Central Command also said that with the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, it had handed over seven buildings to the Afghan army.

However, Gen. Kenneth Mackenzie, Centcom commander in Afghanistan, said the United States had stepped up airstrikes in support of Afghan security forces in recent days.

According to him, if the Taliban attacks continue, the United States is ready to continue its attacks on the group’s positions in the coming weeks.

Kenneth Mackenzie stated that during his meeting with President Ghani, he assured that the United States would continue its airstrikes in support of the Afghan security forces.

The commander-in-chief of the US Central Command said the country would continue to provide logistical support, financial support, intelligence sharing and consultation with the Afghan government and security forces.

It should be noted that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan began on May 1. According to the White House, this process is expected to be completed by the end of August.

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