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Overcoming chaos; “Law enforcement should not be politically-oriented”

AT: KABUL: Riling over vulnerability of the situation in Afghanistan, a number of political pundits who participated in Rana Think Tank monthly session argued that to overcome chaos, law should be enforced fully and should not be politically oriented.

Voicing reservations over escalation of violence and aggravation of socioeconomic challenges, they said the government had to tackle the ongoing crisis legally and put an end to politically-oriented decision-makings.

“Laws should not be victimized by political partialities and orientations and must be enforced through legal basis in a bid to get rid of all challenges,” said former Interior Minister Zarar Ahmad Moqbel.

“In spite of protracted conflict, the Afghan society is still unified, and has not disintegrated,” he opined, arguing that no challenge exists in the society and people, and rather the problem lies in the political stratum. Warlords and strongmen – either from Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara or other ethnicities – are the core of the problem. “The only remedy to this problem is to foster law reinforcement, and it is incumbent upon all people to adhere to laws,” he suggested.

Pointing to Tazkera and some other issues, he said that everything is dealt politically rather than legally, where such acts lead the country toward further challenges.

He claimed that all the ethnics sustained big sacrifices under the name of Afghan and Afghanistan in the past decades, but recently we were witness of different stances and decision over word of Afghan, so why the Tazkera issue should be politicized.

Wrong decision will push the country toward destruction, so the authorities must be stopped of taking wrong decision which is against national interest or lead the country toward wrecks, he asserted.

He emphasized that we must support such a political system, which can be mirror of all people and all people see themselves involved and owner of the system as well as possessor of this country.

Hinting to National Unity Government (NUG) and the rifts, he said that NUG has failed to fulfill numbers of its commitments.

He stated that the NUG must operate in way to attract people interest not break their trust.

Law and regulation must be respected, it is essential for people particularly youth to rise vice and support law, he mentioned.

Those who breached law and regulation should be brought before justice, he noted.

He highlighted that Afghan people are not the reason behind ongoing war, they are victims and the problem is not in the society, but in political system, thus it is necessary to the people support such a figure, who has plan to serve in real for this country.

Secretary of Ulema Council Mawlawi Tawana said that corruption is one of the main factor nudge the country toward all challenges.

He said that nationwide movement against corruption and corrupted people is required to have a bright future.

Head of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan Rafiullah Niazi, each cluster fun the flame of ethnicities for their own interest.

He said that in order to address all challenges in advance must manage solve foreigners issues here and everything should be talked clearly with foreigners, even partnership should be defined clearly.

The participants prayed for the soul of the late litterateur, translator and pioneer politician Ali Mohammad Zohma who passed away at the age of 96 in Austria.

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