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Overhauling rusting ties: Pak army chief to visit Kabul


AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Islamabad is moving to hold ‘tough talks’ with the Afghan government in the upcoming visit of Pakistan’s Army Chief General Javed Bajwa to Kabul.

Sources describe that Gen. Bajwa would visit Afghanistan when the time is right, aimed to rebuild the fractured ties between the two countries.

One of the Pakistani security officials told a local Pakistani newspaper on condition of anonymity that Gen. Bajwa would leave for Kabul after the Afghan policy of the newly inaugurated American president to mend ties and send Kabul a strong message to stop blame game.

This diplomatic move comes after the Afghan official and the US Department of State had criticized Islamabad for providing sanctuaries to various terrorist outfits in different parts of Pakistan.

Earlier, the US Department of State’s spokesperson Mark Toner has endorsed the Kabul’s stand on Taliban’s capability and safe havens, provided by Pakistan.

While responding to a question, Mark Toner said that Taliban use Pakistan’s soil for terrorist attacks carried out in Afghanistan. He urged Islamabad to shut all the safe havens and breeding nurseries of Taliban.

Pakistan is nervous after Donald Trump took charge as commander-in-chief of the US forces. The new US president is committed to eliminate terrorism from the surface of earth. It is hoped that Trump would declare Pakistan as a terrorist state if Islamabad denied cooperating with international community in war against terrorism. India has already launched a campaign to isolate Pakistan. The former Pakistani Ambassador to US, Hussain Haqqani, believes that, “Donald Trump is clear in his recognition of India as America’s preferred partner in South Asia.”

Many analysts in Pakistan are worried that Trump would push Pakistan to a corner due to double game of Islamabad and constant support to Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.




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